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Registered  Charity  No 285491 - Supported by the Berkshire Community Foundation

Earley Centrepoint

(Community and Youth Centre)

Chalfont Close

Lower Earley


Tel: 0118 986 6980  

Office hours Weekdays 9.30am – 12.15pm    

 (+ 24-hour answerphone)

EVDB Earley Volunteer Driver Bureau

Earley Centrepoint (Community and Youth Centre), Chalfont Way RG6 5HZ

Community and Youth Centre

Chalfont Close

Ver 3.01  -  25.3.2020

Webmaster: Cornelius Masca (email to:  office@evdb.org.uk)


0118 986 6980


9.30am – 12.15pm

and 24-hour answerphone

We welcome suggestions for inclusion on our web site, or feedback on how we could improve our site.

To contact us please email office@evdb.org.uk

(All emails will be read but we may not necessarily reply to individual emails)

The Earley Volunteer Driver Bureau is situated at Earley Centrepoint (Community and Youth Centre) in Lower Earley.

It is located off Chalfont Close (within the Asda shopping centre site on the same side as the Halifax bank and Chalfont Surgery, on the footpath between the Earley Retreat pub and Lower Earley Library.

Walking from Asda, if you reach the Earley Retreat pub you’ve walked too far!

Committee Chairman

Elaine Spratling


Tony Hopes


Mary Blustin

Office Co-ordinator

Jan Walshaw

Drivers' Rep

Clare Young

Office Rep

Rittu Pawar

Office Rep

Linda Ayres

Office Rep

Di Westacott


Christine Hallett


Judy Clark

Earley Crescent Rep

Kate Long

Brookside Group Practice Rep

Fiona Nairn

Earley Town Council Rep

Pamela Dunn

Wokingham Borough Council  Rep

Ashwani Gupta