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Registered  Charity  No 285491 - Supported by the Berkshire Community Foundation

Earley Centrepoint

(Community and Youth Centre)

Chalfont Close

Lower Earley


Tel: 0118 986 6980  

Office hours Weekdays 9.30am – 12.15pm    

 (+ 24-hour answerphone)

EVDB Earley Volunteer Driver Bureau

Earley Centrepoint (Community and Youth Centre), Chalfont Way RG6 5HZ

Community and Youth Centre

Chalfont Close

Ver 3.01  -  25.3.2020

Webmaster: Cornelius Masca (email to:  office@evdb.org.uk)


0118 986 6980


9.30am – 12.15pm

and 24-hour answerphone

DRIVERS. If you drive your own car, live within the Earley and Lower Earley boundary, and you have some free time, you could become an EVDB driver.  Volunteers use their own cars to collect clients from their home, take them to their destination and then take them home after the appointment.

Unfortunately, because we use volunteers' private cars, we are unable to accommodate wheelchairs.

All our drivers are required to undergo a disclosure and barring (DBS) check, and their car insurance must include cover for volunteer driving (this incurs no extra cost to the driver).

You will receive a 45p per mile allowance and you decide what trips you can do and when.

Even if you are only able to make one or two journeys occasionally, it is greatly appreciated and makes a difference.

We need Volunteer Drivers and  Volunteer Office Staff

OFFICE VOLUNTEERS. If you have a few hours available one morning each week, we would love to hear from you.  Our office volunteers match clients' requests to drivers' availability.  The duties consist of mainly telephone work, liaising with clients and drivers, and keeping records of the journeys made.

If you are unable to commit to working every week, we also require volunteers to cover for holidays and illness.